Professional. Proficient. Proven 

From coast to coast Dean is the preferred partner for fully integrated design solutions in the downstream petroleum industry.

With 20+ years of expertise, the Dean Team’s trade knowledge translates into improved efficiencies and bottom lines for recognized companies such as Shell Canada, Suncor, UFA, Husky, FasGas and Imperial Oil. When you engage Dean, you can be confident that each project will run on time and on budget, in harmony with your business targets.

Whether gas bar, bulk plant or aviation fuelling facility, we provide comprehensive support in the following areas:

Tank System Installation & Inspection Services
Health, Safety & Environmental Audits
Project Management
Database Management
• Design and Drafting

When you choose Dean, you choose productivity. We focus on flexibility and excellence in project turnaround so that obstacles like scheduling and limiting down time at a site during implementation of a program or upgrade aren’t really obstacles at all.

Utilizing both effective and efficient use of resources on site, Dean will keep your project on track.